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2024 Guests Announced January 2024

While we can't bring everyone's favorite celebrity guest every year, there are ways YOU can help!

If you really, REALLY want to see a specific guest at #ANM, you can sponsor their appearance!
Please email us at so we may begin the process of determining availability and costs to bring your guest to #AnimeNewMexico.

Sponsoring a Celebrity Guest appearance is by far the best way to ensure YOUR specific guest has the highest chance of appearing!
We are given literally hundreds of recommendations a year - any additional requests are not needed unless you are willing to personally (or with your friends) provide a Sponsorship appearance.

🤩Celebrity Guest Sponsorship Perks:🤩
-5 complimentary signed items
-"Sponsored by ______" on their Celebrity Row TV
-A 10 minute private Meet and Greet w/photo
-Your name or business name on our website sponsorship footer
-Free admission to Anime New Mexico

Autograph prices are set by each guest and displayed at their table in addition to the listing below.  Guests are Scheduled to appear Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during Exhibit Hall Hours.

Our 2023 Guests:

Cosplay Guests

Programing guests

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